Wire EDM KD800CL

Wire EDM KD800CL

CNC Wire EDM KD800CL is a kind of new “C” structure CNC wire cut EDM, “C” structure is a kind new trend of CNC molybdenum wire cut EDM these years, it is same structure as brass wire cut EDM, which will increase stability of cutting accuracy. Besides, KD800CL is a kind of semi-closed control machine, with X&Y axes servo motor controller. Comparing to stepper motor control, servo motor has feedback from servo motor and compensation, it could increase accuracy than stepper motor in long distance cutting, especially for jobs with numbers of holes in one pieces, for such kind CNC wire cutting works, locating accuracy is very important, it is not just accuracy of one single hole, also accuracy between each two holes.

CNC wire EDM KD800CL has X,Y axes travel 630×800mm, it is pretty big, and it could cut all kind of conductive material such as steel, alloy, copper, titanium alloy and etc. Leading structure “T” shape machine bed with 6 support points to make sure rigidity of whole machine, we design and build casting with sufficient material and a lot of reinforcing ribs to increase rigidity of CNC EDM wire cut we build; “+” design X,Y axes carriages always move within range of “T” machine, and won’t exceed range of machine bed to its end, this design can get rid of gravity of X, Y carriages when they move to ends, this design accuracy of X&Y axes in all travel. These designs are leading in CNC wire EDM industry.

  • Wire EDM KD800CL Technical Parameters




    Travel of X/Y/Z



    Table size



    Cut taper/thickness



    Cut accuracy







    Max. cut speed



    Best Surface Finish



    Wire diameter



    Max. electrical current








    3 phase 380V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz or 415V/50Hz

    Max load of table



    Weight of machine



    Machine Dimensions(L×W×H)
    Package Size(L×W×H)
    Dielectric fluid    
    Volume of container
    Dielectric fluid filtration
    Dimensions of container(L×W×H)
    Container package dimensions(L×W×H)
    Weight of container
    Controller type  
    Controller Dimensions(L×W×H)
    Container package dimensions(L×W×H)

    Weight of container



  • C structure

    1.C structure

    High rigidity “C” structure design, adopts high intensity HT250 casting iron as all parts of machine, to make sure long term accuracy and performance. All casting used by Kingred are made by resin sand casting technology to guaranty quality of casting(same casting technology as brass wire cut EDM machine. Two times tempering treatment, to realize permanent mechanical precision.
    Advance “C” structure, much stronger than “F” double frames structure. For “F” double frame structure, there is vibration of frames while wire feeding at very high speed, there is no such kind problem for “C” structure
    For cutting accuracy, thanks to strong rigidity, “C” structure wire cut EDM acts much better than “F” double frames structure wire cut EDM. Kingred’s “C” structure wire cut EDM machine can do face cutting, i.e. Z axis approach workpiece closely and do cutting.


    2.“T” shape machine bed and “+” shape table travel design

    “T” shape machine bed, same design as brass wire cut EDM machine, with this unique design, machine bed can bear much more weight than regular rectangular shape design. With “+” shape table movement design, the whole travel of X and Y axis it limited within the area of “T” bed, i.e. the Max travel of X and Y axis move within the range of machine bed, while for “F” double frames structure, the Max travel of X and Y axis is out of range of machine bed, this situation will affect mechanical accuracy of machine.
    “T” shape machine bed and “+” shape table travel system make enhance performance of “C” structure wire cut EDM machine, make it acts better than “F” structure wire cut EDM machine again.

    T bed and cross carriage
    Ball screw and linear guideway

    3.P3 grade linear guideway and ball screw

    Kingred chooses Taiwan built high precision P3 grade linear guideway and ball screw, in order to get good surface finish and cutting accuracy, the stability of X and Y axis motion is very important, different from old steel roller guideway, linear guideway and ball screw ensure motion of X and Y axis much more smoothly and stably. High rigidity designed machine parts, adding with high quality motion components, cutting performance of Kingred’s machine tops in the market.Linear guidway has longer life o than normal V guideway.


    4.Double-ways wire tension control system

    As the molybdenum wire of wire cut EDM machine is reusable, so wire will get loose at long time use due to drawing force. Kingred’s double-way wire tension control system will be keeping tightening wire all the time. Tension control system is consisted by heavy drop, linear guideway and guide.

    wire tension control system
    Taper cutting system

    5.Taper cutting system

    Taper cutting system is fixed under Z axis travel, thanks for high rigidity of column of Z axis, taper cutting system perform perfectly, U and V axes are driven by stepper motor, and work with X and Y axes to release 4 axes move simultaneously.


    6.Working table and clamping system

    Larger and stronger working table without T groove, Kingred purchased highly accurate surface grinding machine to machine working table and clamping of our wire cut EDM machine. Kingred use high accuracy clamping system which is special for brass wire cut EDM machine, it is easy to fix various shapes workpiece.

    working table and clamping system
    Wire drum seat

    7.Wire drum seat

    Kingred adopts high precision linear guideway as movement components of wire drum seat, smooth travel of wire drum make sure wire travel more smoothly. Whole travel of wire drum is within range of seat, higher rigidity.
    High quality light steel as material of wire drum, smooth movement, resisting corrosion, imported inverter to speed of wire drum tuning and direction changing to get better cutting accuracy and surface finish of workpiece, and reduce wire broken at the same time.
    Slide cover of wire drum, easy to handle, much more humanized.


    8.Z axis

    Standard Z axis motor drive up and down, there is no extra charge.
    Thanks to high rigidity Z axis travel(square steel guideway design), Kingred’s wire cut EDM has very good accuracy of Z axis travel. Different from “F” double frames wire cut EDM machine, when move Z axis, for “F” structure, the whole upper frame move up down, the movement of big upper frame is parallel to working table and pretty long, the movement of upper frame will affect accuracy. But for “C” structure, there is no such kind problem, as Z axis of “C” structure wire cut EDM is vertical to working table, with our high rigidity Z axis design, the accuracy of Z axis travel of Kingred’s machine is very good.

    Z axis
    Automatic lubricating

    9.Automatic lubricating system

    Standard automatic lubricating system for all moving components of Kingred’s wire cut EDM machine, it makes maintenance much more easy and convenient, the automatic lubricator will do lubricating each 6 hours, customer just need to fill more lubricating oil before it runs out.

  • Structure of AutoCUT

    As show in above figure, AutuCUT is a whole integrated solution for wire cut EDM machining. AutoCUT system is consisted by AutoCUT software, PCI based drive card, and high stabile main board of stepper motor drive, and 0.5 microseconds medium speed wire cut EDM high frequency main vibration board. AutoCUT software includes AutoCAD embedded module and cutting control software.

    Main function of AutoCUT:

    1. Support graph drive automatic programming, there is no need for customers to touch codes, only need to set cutting technology to the graph for cutting; at the same time, it support 3B or G code list created by other wire cut EDM software, and simply read and process to do cutting.

    2. Software is embedded in AutoCAD, CAXA and some other software, customers just need to know AutoCAD or other design software, easy to use and no need for special training of drawing.

    3. Several machining pattern combined together in cutting(continuous, single segment, forward, backward, trace back and so on.).

    4. XYUV four axes direction change is adjustable, drive motor could be set as 5 phase 10 beats or 3 phase 5 beats and so on.

    5. Real time monitoring upon X, Y, U.V and cutting situation.

    6. Machining preview, real time display of cutting process; 3D display and tracking of taper machining, zoom in and zoom out to view graph, front view, right view, top view and etc..

    7. Capability of multi-time cutting with customer maintained data base of cutting parameters, make multi-time cutting much more easy and reliable.

    8. Taping cutting adopts 4 axes simultaneous technology, can process up and down different shape cutting convenient.

    9. Control board to drive 4 axes movement, work stably and reliably.

    10. Support several cards work together in parallel , several wire cut EDM machine could be controlled by only one computer and do cutting at the same time.

    11. With automatic alarm function, it will alarm when cutting is done or malfunction happens, time of alarming is settable.

    12. Support angle clear time-delay, time delay when cutting angle of track, to make avoid impact of deviation caused by molybdenum wire.

    13. Support compensation of teeth gap of screw to increase mechanical accuracy.

    14. Support linear scale and closed- type with servo motors to increasing positioning accuracy of machine.

    15. Support three different cutting pattern: normal high speed wire cut EDM machining, medium speed wire cut EDM coding output pattern and output pattern.

    16. Power off memory function, cutting data backup after recover of power supply, re-track when short circuit happens and malfunction handling.

    17. Automatic power off after machining is done.


    Main features of AutoCUT system

    1. It adopts graph drive technology, reduce work of man and increase working efficiency, and minimize error caused by workers.

    2. Open to various version of WindowsXP, software is easy to learn and use.

    3. Directly embedded in AutoCAD, CAXA and may other CAD software, to realize CAC/CAM combined smoothly to prolong cutting range.

    4. Taper cutting; 4 axes simultaneous technology; 3D design and cutting track; compensation to diameter of guide, diameter of electrode wire, and big tap cutting.

    5. Multi-cards work simultaneously is supported. It is possible to control many wire cut EDM machines with only one set computer, which has many pieces AutoCUt PCI card.

    6. It has data base of cutting parameters which is editable by operators, who can save, edit and read cutting parameters according to different material, different thickness and different needed cutting performance.

    7. AutoCUT can optimize processing of super thick workpiece(up to 1000mm) cutting, to make track stable and reliable.

  • Controller structure and layout

    KDXP control system for CNC Wire Cut EDM are equipped with high quality industrial computer,module designed of imported AC servo driver,power supply and pulse supply circuit,increase the reliability and achieved to advanced standard.

    1.User friendly control,easy for operation.
    2.Chinese and English menu selection.
    3.Large memory and wide range of machining parameters storage.
    4.Equipped with high-performance CPU.
    5.Exchange data interface by hard-disk,floppy disk,RS232,USB and LAN.
    6.Edit,copy,search and exchange mode for program management.
    7.Five axis control,four axis simutaneous control.
    8.Hetero type of upper and lower surface,changing taper angle and clear-cut corner.
    9.One cut or multi cut machiing.
    10.Programmable wire feed and wire tension.
    11.Equipped with heat exchanger to keep constant operation temperature.

    Advanced AutoCUT control card with industrial use computer, remote control is convenient to do most operations

    AutoCUT control card
    Remote control

    Servo drive and servo control to increase machining performance and stability.

    Servo drive
    servo control card
  • wire cut edm sample 1 WEDM take wire (Molybdenum wire or Tungsten and Molybdenum alloy wire ) as electrode, working liquid as media, Electrical discharging happened between the electrode and the work piece by using of the high frequency impulse power and the high peak current to bring high heat and high energy to erode the work piece. The preconceived track of the wire is controlled by the moving of X-Y axis and U-Y axis which are driven by the machine. Then the work piece is processed.
    "Kingred" machines featured with beautiful shape, novel structure, superior performance, and convenient operation. Meanwhile they are of good rigidity, small cutting force , big load bearing, steady movement, and safety operation. they are suit to cut the workpiece of high precision, fairly good rigidity, high toughness, especially the cold die, extrusion die, plastic mould, gear cutter hob, precision component (including big taper, same taper, unequal cone, laid abnormity and etc.)
    Medium speed wire cut EDM is a new generation of EDM machines which are widely used in the fields of moulds, automobile parts, aeronautics and astronautics, electronic instrument, military, light industry, and household appliances.