Wire EDM DK7763

Wire EDM DK7763

The economical type wire EDM machine DK7763 is unique and original from China; it is widely used in mold, accurate components manufacturing industry. DK7763 uses molybdenum wire as electrode wire. This type wire cut EDM is different from brass wire cut EDM which is widely known in the world. Molybdenum wire type wire cut EDM is much cheaper than brass wire cut EDM, and can replace many jobs of latter one. Kingred’s economical type wire cut EDM machine is featured:
1) Adopt KDXP(AutoCUT) CAD/CAM software, Windows XP as operating system, easy to use and maintain;
2) use Resin sand casting technology make casting of DK77 series, twice High temperature tempering treatment to remove inner stress to reduce possibility of deformation;
3) digitalized electrical circuits that controlled by inverter, to realize smooth motion of wire feeding;
4) large thickness and high efficiency high frequency power source;
5) adjustable feed speed of wire drum, low speed for loading wire and high speed for machining. DK7763 has table travel 630×800mm, it is suitable to cut all kinds of conductive material, if you are looking for a big size and cheap Wire EDM, DK7763 would be your perfect choice.

  • Wire EDM DK7763 Technical Parameters




    Travel of X/Y



    Table size



    Max. cut thickness


    300 or 500

    Cut taper/thickness


    ±3° or  ±30°/100

    Wire frame



    Cut accuracy



    Max. cut speed



    Best finish

    Once cutting

    Ra ≤ μm




    Wire diameter



    Max. electrical current








    3 phase 380V/50Hz or 220V/60Hz or 415V/50Hz

    Max load of table



    Weight of machine



    Dimension (L×W×H)



The Taper Cutting Mechanism:

It’s driven by two step-motors to realize U and V movement, which can make the 4 axis (X,Y,U,V) simultaneously movement.

Structure of wire frame:

The symmetric structure for the upper and down frame to keep the tension of moly wire within the scope of normal tension. There are same quantity of arrange wire pulley, which make same tension in every point of the moly wire. So no matter thin or thick work piece, the moly wire is not easy to break down. Comparing with “C” Shape structure, which always been used in other factories’ machine. Our structure short the wire travel route to avoid the shock during the running of the wire and make sure the accuracy.

The working table:

The working table with T-shape slots, we supply a standard clamp for free.
dk series

The wire winding and traveling system:

Wire winding drum is made of special steel, which is more stable, anti-corrosion. Emerson (U.S.A) converter control the running direction, Which can be used longer time, improve the precision, roughness and reduce the wire broken.

The Machine Body:

Adopt the base of Meehanite cast iron (HT250), the cast of “Kingred” machine is made by the resin-sand technology with the influence of high temperature annealing, which makes the machine body of high load intensity and has ability to resist distortion. And the max loading of the working table is better than other Chinese machines.

Guideway and Ball Screw:

Adopt Steel Linear guideway and precious ball screw from Taiwan.
  • Structure of AutoCUT

    As show in above figure, AutuCUT is a whole integrated solution for wire cut EDM machining. AutoCUT system is consisted by AutoCUT software, PCI based drive card, and high stabile main board of stepper motor drive, and 0.5 microseconds medium speed wire cut EDM high frequency main vibration board. AutoCUT software includes AutoCAD embedded module and cutting control software.

    Main function of AutoCUT:

    1. Support graph drive automatic programming, there is no need for customers to touch codes, only need to set cutting technology to the graph for cutting; at the same time, it support 3B or G code list created by other wire cut EDM software, and simply read and process to do cutting.

    2. Software is embedded in AutoCAD, CAXA and some other software, customers just need to know AutoCAD or other design software, easy to use and no need for special training of drawing.

    3. Several machining pattern combined together in cutting(continuous, single segment, forward, backward, trace back and so on.).

    4. XYUV four axes direction change is adjustable, drive motor could be set as 5 phase 10 beats or 3 phase 5 beats and so on.

    5. Real time monitoring upon X, Y, U.V and cutting situation.

    6. Machining preview, real time display of cutting process; 3D display and tracking of taper machining, zoom in and zoom out to view graph, front view, right view, top view and etc..

    7. Capability of multi-time cutting with customer maintained data base of cutting parameters, make multi-time cutting much more easy and reliable.

    8. Taping cutting adopts 4 axes simultaneous technology, can process up and down different shape cutting convenient.

    9. Control board to drive 4 axes movement, work stably and reliably.

    10. Support several cards work together in parallel , several wire cut EDM machine could be controlled by only one computer and do cutting at the same time.

    11. With automatic alarm function, it will alarm when cutting is done or malfunction happens, time of alarming is settable.

    12. Support angle clear time-delay, time delay when cutting angle of track, to make avoid impact of deviation caused by molybdenum wire.

    13. Support compensation of teeth gap of screw to increase mechanical accuracy.

    14. Support linear scale and closed- type with servo motors to increasing positioning accuracy of machine.

    15. Support three different cutting pattern: normal high speed wire cut EDM machining, medium speed wire cut EDM coding output pattern and output pattern.

    16. Power off memory function, cutting data backup after recover of power supply, re-track when short circuit happens and malfunction handling.

    17. Automatic power off after machining is done.


    Main features of AutoCUT system

    1. It adopts graph drive technology, reduce work of man and increase working efficiency, and minimize error caused by workers.

    2. Open to various version of WindowsXP, software is easy to learn and use.

    3. Directly embedded in AutoCAD, CAXA and may other CAD software, to realize CAC/CAM combined smoothly to prolong cutting range.

    4. Taper cutting; 4 axes simultaneous technology; 3D design and cutting track; compensation to diameter of guide, diameter of electrode wire, and big tap cutting.

    5. Multi-cards work simultaneously is supported. It is possible to control many wire cut EDM machines with only one set computer, which has many pieces AutoCUt PCI card.

    6. It has data base of cutting parameters which is editable by operators, who can save, edit and read cutting parameters according to different material, different thickness and different needed cutting performance.

    7. AutoCUT can optimize processing of super thick workpiece(up to 1000mm) cutting, to make track stable and reliable.

  • Controller

    Controller structure and layout

    Adopt Germany design and manufacturing technology to design and build high performance controller with good stability, use good quality material to build control body and fixture components, simple and good looking, reasonable layout of electrical circuits. Good heat dissipation ability. Electrical components are all supplied by famous manufacturer.

    Inverter: SANCH(TAIWAN)
    Electrical relay: OMRON(JAPAN)
    Switching power supply: MEANWELL(TAIWAN)
    Capacitance: HITACHI(JAPAN)
    Computer: TSINGHUA TONGFANG(China)


    Computer: Brand TSINGHUA TONGFANG

    P4 or better CPU;
    1GB memory;
    160G hard drive
    15" LCD motor;
    Industrial use stainless steel keyboard;
    Internet accessory available
    WindowXP Operating System

    Adopt digital high impulse power, the impulse power is controlled directly by AutoCUT card connect to PCI slot of computer with WindowXP operating system, it improves accuracy and stability of impulse signal, and reduces malfunction ratio of impulse power, and improves cutting efficiency and surface quality obviously. Max cutting current is 6A, Max cutting efficiency is more than 150mm2/min, best surface finish Ra≤1.2um. Modularization design of inner electrical circuit to simplify circuit layout to reduce malfunction ratio and makes it is much easier to judge of malfunction when it happens.

    Control system: Adopt AutoCUT CAD & CAM system with AutoCAD imbedded function, make programming much more easier if operator use of AutoCAD, with cutting data base which can be edited by operators, who can improve cutting performance with experience based on use of wire cut EDM. No physical buttons on control panel, this design simplify wires connection of control panel; all buttons are designed in the software of AutoCUT, makes operation much easier and reduce malfunction caused by physical buttons on control panel.

  • Reusable molybdenum wire cut EDM machine is original from China, it is also named as high speed wire cut EDM machine. The basic principle of wire cut EDM is that a thin metal wire, usually molybdenum wire for reusable electrode wire type wire cut EDM, is fed through the workpiece, flushing with cooling fluid, to get needed shape of workpiece. Wire cut EDM is typically used to cut metal workpieces with thickness range from 2mm to 500, more than 500mm for machine models. It can make punches, tools, dies, molds and other precision parts from hard materials that are difficult to machine with other metal processing equipments.

    Adopt multi-time cutting technology at the base of high speed wire cut EDM machine, medium speed wire cut EDM machines are widely accepted by the market in past years, comparing with regular high speed wire cut EDM machine, thanks to multi-time cutting technology, surface finish of medium one is much better, could be around 1μm. There is no need grinding process for parts cut by wire cut EDM machine anymore.

    Kingred’s advanced “C” structure wire cut EDM, high precious linear guideway and ball screw, with multi-time cutting technology, cutting accuracy and surface finish of Kingred’s machine is approaching to Brass wire cut EDM’s much more closer. To some degree, for most of cutting works, Kingred’s wire cut EDM machine is able to replace brass wire cut EDM machine.

    Molybdenum wire cut EDM machines are widely used in mold king, electrics, precious machinery, auto components, army industry and etc.,