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Tire Mold EDM

Tire Mold EDM Overview:

The C-axis is equipped with an imported high precision rotary optical scale, providing a close loop or semi-close loop feedback control. This is combined with the use of DC servo motor for positioning control, featuring extra high positioning accuracy of up to 0.001 degree.This outstanding feature makes the machine excellent for producing high precision tire molds.(Patented)

Tire Mold EDM

EDM Tire Mold CNC-400T

Tire Mold EDM CNC400T

Y/Z Travel:300×700 More Info .....

EDM Tire Mold CJ-580T

Tire Mold EDM CJ-580T

Y/Z Travel:480×180 More Info .....

Tire Mold EDM CNC600T

Tire Mold EDM CNC600T

Y/Z Travel:480×180 More Info .....

CNC Tire Mold EDM CNC1670T

Tire Mold EDM CNC1670T

Y/Z Travel:700×180 More Info .....