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Basic difference between closed-loop wire cut EDM and normal wire cut EDM

  1. Working principle

Comparing to closed-loop wire cut EDM, normal wire cut EDM could be called open-loop wire cut EDM, which doesn’t have error detection ability and compensation of error. So performance of accuracy controls and restraining disturbance is not good, furthermore, it is sensitive to systemic parameters change. While, for closed-loop wire cut EDM, no matter what reasons (internal or external change), once error happens, servo motors system can compensate error to increase accuracy and stability. i.e. there is feedback and compensation of closed-loop wire cut EDM machine, oppositely, there is no such kind ability of normal wire cut EDM.


Regularly, closed-loop wire cut EDM uses servo motors, fast feed speed; and normal wire cut EDM uses stepper motors, low feed speed.


  1. Structure

There is not detection device of normal wire cut EDM, and structure is pretty simple;

There is detection device of closed-loop wire cut EDM.


  1. Stability of performance

Closed-loop wire cut EDM has good stability of accuracy and surface finish;

Normal wire cut EDM is not good enough in stability of accuracy and surface finish.


  1. Accuracy keeping

Closed-loop wire cut EDM can keep long term accuracy;

The accuracy of normal wire cut EDM may lose after long term use.

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