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Characteristics of wire cut EDM machining


Advantage of wire cut EDM machining:

  1. Wire cut EDM machine is able to machine material, with high hardness, high strength, high fragility and high tenacity, which is not easy to be or can’t be machined by conventional method, even some semi-conductive materials are also can be processed by wire cut EDM machine.
  2. Thanks to tiny size of electrode wire, wire cut EDM can machine small abnormal shape holes, small gap or job with complicated shape.
  3. There is very little heat impact on the surface of workpiece, suitable to process some heat sensitive material; at the same time, as impulse energy concentrate on very small area, machining accuracy is higher.
  4. During machining, electrode wire doesn’t touch workpiece, there is no physical cutting force, it is good to process workpiece with low rigidity.
  5. As the cutting path is very small, there is very less removal ratio of material, so use ratio of material is pretty high.
  6. Comparing to EDM spark erosion machine, electrode wire replaced formed electrode, saving a lot of cost of designing and making electrode and prepared period is shortened obviously.
  7. Using water-based working solution, clean and safe, especially environment-friendly.
  8. Utilize electricity to do machining, electrical parameters are controllable, it is convenient to realize whole process automatic.


Disadvantage of wire cut EDM machining:

As the electrode needs to go through workpiece, so it can’t machine blame hole kind or step plane kind workpiece, besides, machining efficiency of wire cut EDM machine is compare to other conventional metal processing equipments.


Main difference between wire cut EDM and EDM sinker machine:

Wire cut EDM uses electrode wire to do axial feeding;

EDM sinker machine uses machined electrode with same shape as of cavity need to make.

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